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Pepper One and mySQL

mySQL is used by Pepper One product's as open source alternative of MS SQL with licence cost.

For this, we have made a special section to explain how you can use it.

We use specific version of mySQL :

  1. mySql server 5.1.42 (win 32 bit) : Download
  2. mySql GUI tools (win 32 bit) : Download

There are new GUI tools like mySQL workbench but we prefere mySQL Query Browser for the simple use.

Two kind of backup are prefered :

- SQL Dump using mySQL administrator (see mySQL GUI tools) - SQL xTrabackup

Using mySQL administrator, you can backup and restore SQL dump (text file). This can be done every day on specific hour. The database must not be shutdown, But somes lock can be done to execute “coherent dataset”.


We can use the restore function to replace database with a dump file

More information can be found at mySql

A another way is to use for larger database, xTrabackup to make rapid and efficient backup.

For exemple : 80GB in 1 hour

  • Making a backup (make a copy in mysql data folder)
  xtrabackup --backup
  • Restore a backup (you should be in the data's folder)
  xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir=.

Don't forget to copy the table's definition.

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