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README (english) -------------------------------- Starter documentation -------------------------------- 1) Install Dolibarr 2) Upgrade Dolibarr from an older version 3) What's new in this version 4) What Dolibarr can do 5) What Dolibarr can't do yet, todo list I - DOLIBARR INSTALL -------------------- To install Dolibarr: - Copy directory 'dolibarr' and all its files inside your web server root, or set up your web server to use dolibarr/htdocs as root for a new web server virtual host (second choice need to be web server administrator). - Create an empty mysql database (postgresql support is experimental). - Set write permissions on directory 'dolibarr/htdocs/conf' for your web server user (write permissions will be removed once install is finished). - From your browser, call the dolibarr install page. Url depends on choice made on first step: http://localhost/dolibarr/htdocs/install/index.php or http://yourdolibarrvirtualhost/install/index.php - Follow instructions provided by installer... II - DOLIBARR UPGRADE --------------------- To upgrade Dolibarr from an old version to this one: - Overwrite all old files inside old 'dolibarr' directory by files provided into new version package. - If you came from version x.y.z to x.y.w (only third number differ), there is no need to run any migrate process. - If you came from a beta version or from any version x.y.z to any other where x or y number differs, you must call the Dolibarr install page in your browser: http://localhost/dolibarr/htdocs/install/index.php or http://yourdolibarrhost/install/index.php Then choose the "update" option according to your case. Note: Migrate process can ben runned safely several times. III - WHAT'S NEW ---------------- See ChangeLog file. IV - WHAT DOLIBARR CAN DO ------------------------- Main modules/features: - Products and services catalog - Customers, Prospects or Suppliers directory - Address book - Stock management - Bank accounts management - Orders management with PDF export - Commercial proposals management with PDF export - Contracts management - Invoices management with PDF export - Payments management - Standing orders management - Shipping management - ECM (Electronic Content Management) - EMailings - Agenda with ical,vcal export for third tools integration - Management of fundation members - Donation management Other modules: - Bookmarks management - Can reports Dolibarr events inside Webcalendar or Phenix - Data export tools - LDAP connectivity - Third parties or products categories - ClickToDial phone numbers - RSS Miscellanous: - Mutli-user, with several permissions levels for each feature. - Serveral menu managers (can be used by internal users, as a back-office, with a particular menu, or by external users, as a front-office, with another menu and permissions). - Very user friendly and easy to use. - Optional WYSIWYG forms, optional Ajax forms. - Several skins. - Code is highly customizable (a lot of use of modules and submodules). - Works with Mysql 3.1 or higher, experimental support for PostgreSql. - Works with PHP 4.1 or higher. - An easy to understand and maintain code (PHP with no heavy frameworks). - A trigger architecture to allow you to make Dolibarr business events run PHP code to update your own information system. - "NPR VAT Rate" (French particularity for managing VAT in DOM-TOM called "Non Per�ue R�cup�rable"). V - WHAT DOLIBARR CAN'T DO YET (TODO LIST) ------------------------------------------ This is feature Dolibarr does not support completely yet: - Accountancy. - Dolibarr can manage only one currency. - Dolibarr does not support the double Canadian Tax. - Dolibarr does not make coffee (not yet). - The module to manage stock is not stable yet. - Stock management with option increase/decrease on invoice works on warehouse number one only (no way to choose warehouse). - Stock management with option increase/decrease on orders works on warehouse number one only (no way to choose warehouse).
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